Legalization in Rwanda
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Legalization is moving steadily across the African continent, and last week Rwanda, a landlocked country in East Africa, announced the start of cannabis production. This is a poor and densely populated state, and the average age of Rwandans is shockingly small - only 19 years. Cannabis is one of the most profitable crops, which is why many African countries see great potential in this plant. The pandemic and its aftermath have hit their economy hard, and legalization is one way to raise additional capital. They change the legal status of marijuana and start officially exporting it to Europe and the US.


The more players enter the race for cannabis, the lower the cost will become. But at the moment, its price is quite high, and growing cannabis in African countries is very cheap, so countries like Rwanda will benefit greatly from it. It is obvious that those who first started cannabis production will benefit the most, but this industry can still grow for a very long time, because besides the buds, hemp has additional economic potential, since the rest of the plant can be used in a completely different industry. In the meantime, before hemp takes over the entire planet, we can celebrate that another country has joined the cannabis club!