Halloween Strains: 10 Spooky Varieties to Get You in the Mood
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1. Deadhead OG

Deadhead OG is perfect for those who want to go all out and become zombies. When smoked, this strain has the ability to put you to sleep. Walking can be a real challenge when taken in large doses. As you limp down the road, people are going to be scared to death or give you all of their candy. Which came first, you ask? But it's a happy strain. Also, one that is ravenous. Deadhead OG is a top choice for trick-or-treaters this season.

2. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is the go-to drug for vampires looking to shake some coffin dust in a more energising manner. It promises to give users a happy and energising high because of its Sativa dominance. In fact, it's euphoric, as well as uplifting and social in nature. It's the perfect strain if your plans include a late-night party or if you need to wake up from one that took place earlier that night. But beware: You might forget about it.

3. Death Bubba

If you're planning a scary movie marathon, bring along Death Bubba for company. With popcorn and terror on hand, it's perfect when you're completely immobile. It's an earthy hybrid with sweet undertones, and Death Bubba will keep you calm even if monsters start jumping out of your computer screen and following you around all night. This strain leans heavily on the Indica genetics. When taken in excess, it has the potential to be sedative. Couchlock-style restraints are employed.

4. Head Cheese

The strain known as Head Cheese is one of a kind. It's so gooey and sticky that it coagulates with glee. Furthermore, Head Cheese is an unmatched strain due to its extreme potency and other unique characteristics. Despite its immense pungency and surprising palatability, this hybrid manages to maintain its delicate balance. Because of its effects, Head Cheese has become a household name all over the world. It'll give you a burst of energy and an eerie chill for a few hours afterward, making it perfect for Halloween.

5. Death Star

You can be sure that a strain with a name like Death Star is one of a kind. Highly psychoactive; you'll feel very ecstatic after consuming it. I'm feeling a little disoriented. I'm a good stoner. Death Star is a well-known indica-dominant cross. It sends a chill through the core of the adventure you're on. This strain is perfect for a spooky night filled with unsolved mysteries. It's best done with a group of close friends around a large, bubbling pot.

6. Green Goblin

Green Goblin is yet another potently psychoactive strain to add to the list. It does exactly what its name implies: it starts a dialogue with an enchanted otherworld! Green Goblin is an incredibly creative and inspiring Sativa-dominant strain. It serves as inspiration. Energizing. This is ideal for a post-Halloween spring clean up session. When you're in a social mood, you'll be giddy, mischievous, and curious. You're all set to explore the enticing pathways it has laid out for you.

7. Dragon’s Breath

Dragon's Breath has a lot to offer even the busiest of us. It will keep you going long after sanity if you still have chores to do, or if potions still need mixing for All Hallows’ Eve, or if you just want to see it all. This is a strain that keeps you on your toes. It's a great motivator. It hone in on a particular subject. Is a visionary in her field. Social. It is, on the other hand, extremely effective. Newcomers should exercise caution when using Dragon Breath due to its potent effects.

8. Mendo Breath

As with Mendo Breath, Mendo Breath is a great Halloween strain if you're into zombies. However, despite the fact that it breathes new life into worn-out, haggard bodies, it does not put people under any stress when they are out and about in town. Mendo Breath has a lot of power. Due to its high Indica content, it has a unique chemical and physical make-up. With this one, you'll want to stay up all night. Preferably with a secure, locked door as an additional feature. Keeping all of the sweets you've earned for yourself. The munchies are a well-known effect of this strain.

9. Madman OG

Madman OG is an Indica-dominant strain with a name that belies its calm nature. Despite the fact that it promises a large stone, it protects the user from the temptations of the world. Homey is the best way to describe this brew. Ideal for keeping an eye on paint as it dries. Any additional noteworthy activity may not be advisable in the long run. Please do not use any machinery during this time. Stay at home and take care of business. Give doorbell ringers candy if you're still able to after a few hits.

10. Bloodwalker

Bloodwalker is the perfect strain for mixing with supernatural creatures on Halloween because it's not for the faint of heart and is only for the bravest of brave. Long beach walks under the moonlight are made possible by this sativa-dominant hybrid, but don't be fooled: Bloodwalker quickly transforms you into a vampire, werewolf, or whatever identity is popular today, leaving you sleepy after several tumultuously enjoyable blissful hours.